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Conneqtor + Bento Engine: Helping Advisors Build a Modern Practice

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Today, we’re happy to announce that Bento Engine has partnered with Conneqtor–a platform for online education and community engagement. 

Conneqtor gives financial advisors the master blueprint to start, build, and grow their business in months, not years. Through a coaching rich environment, Conneqtor’s proven model teaches you everything, step-by-step, to thrive in the 21st century through a combination of on-demand online learning, tactical how-to’s, plug-n-play templates, and global advisor community.  

Bento and Conneqtor are both very mission-driven, and have a lot in common: to provide caring financial advisors with the tools they need to achieve rapid business growth, reach and acquire more ideal clients, and help those clients achieve better financial outcomes. 

To learn more about why Bento was the right partner for Conneqtor (and his personal experiences using the platform), we interviewed Conneqtor Founder Derek Notman, CFP, who also serves clients at Intrepid Wealth Partners.  

Why did you choose to start working with Bento?

I was looking for something that added value to my clients and business without drastically increasing my workload or having to learn another tech platform. 

Bento Engine fits this perfectly. It integrates into processes I already have in place and helps me scale how I serve and develop relationships with my clients. 

What has the onboarding process been like?

Onboarding with Bento Engine has been nothing short of simple, fast, and straightforward. The technology is easy and intuitive to learn, and I have had to do almost no work on my part to leverage Bento’s value right away. 

Do you have any early advisor or client experiences to share?

Bento has already shown me opportunities to better serve my clients that previously were easily overlooked.  

So much of our lives are impacted by age-related events which are easy to forget, but Bento solves this problem and empowers me to be proactive as an advisor serving many clients. How can business not flow from such value?

Why are you recommending Bento to your Conneqtor advisors?

I only recommend technology and services to Conneqtor advisors that I have personally used and vetted. Advisors are looking for ways to drive value–but also sales–to their current and new clients. Bento handles this on near auto-pilot. How could I not recommend Bento to all of the Conneqtor advisors?

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about partnering with Bento Engine.