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The Power of Proactive Advice: The 5 Age Milestones You’re Probably Not Thinking About

In 2021, we conducted a survey that asked actively advised clients about how proactive financial advice would change their relationship with their advisor.

  • More than 82% of them said they would be likely to remain loyal to their advisor.
  • More than 77% of them said they’re likely to recommend their advisor.
  • And, more than 64% of them said they would consolidate their assets. 

There are 15 distinct age points that trigger opportunities for advisors to deliver meaningful wealth management advice. While they can be anticipated with certainty and represent significant engagement opportunities, there are 5 age points you’re probably not thinking about.

These 5 age points include:

  1. Age 0: Birth
  2. Age 14: Working Age
  3. Age 15-17: Driving Age
  4. Age 18-21: Age of Majority
  5. Age 26: Healthcare

Providing proactive advice to your clients or prospects with children nearing these important age milestones not only provides your client with peace of mind that their child is financially prepared for the future, but it allows you an opportunity to connect with the next generation and begin building trusting relationships.

However, scaling delivery of this kind of personalized proactive advice to all your clients is hard enough. Add their children to your list  and it becomes even more difficult.

Bento Engine makes it possible to identify, deliver and scale proactive advice by connecting with your existing CRM. Scanning large data sets to determine who should receive advice, and then delivering you advice content via multiple formats, Bento empowers you with the information you need to build lasting connections.  

Want to learn about all 15 distinct age points that trigger meaningful relationship building opportunities for your clients and prospects?

Download our latest content: Life in #s: 15 Age Points That Matter. You’ll even receive a piece of compliance pre-approved sample communication Bento provides advisors to help them communicate advice more effectively. 

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