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A Conversation with Gavin Spitzner: Empowering Advisors To Deliver Better Client Outcomes

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Bringing over 25 years of deep experience in the fintech and advisory space with him, we’re thrilled to have President of Wealth Consulting Partners Gavin Spitzner aboard as the newest member of the Bento Engine Advisory Council.

With a unique blend of expertise in client experience, business strategy, and advisor technology, Gavin keeps a constant finger on the pulse of the fintech landscape and the ways advisors are using technology to serve clients more efficiently. Having this level of hands-on experience on our side gives us unique insight into the challenges facing caring financial advisors.

We recently sat down with Gavin and asked him a few questions about why he’s looking forward to being part of the Bento Advisory Council. Read on to get to know Gavin better, and to learn more about how he sees Bento addressing the many challenges and opportunities advisors are facing today. 

Gavin, why are you joining the Bento Advisory Council? What motivates you?

What gets me up every morning at this stage of my career is my desire to simply help advisors provide better advice to more people.  It's easy to say–hard to do. Scaling personalized advice delivery is not easy. 

When I saw how Bento Engine was coming at this issue with a combination of great technology and strong wealth management vertical expertise, I wanted to be part of the journey. Unfortunately, there's a lot of technology out there that is essentially a solution in search of a problem. 

But with Bento I immediately recognized a solution to a major opportunity staring the advice business in the face–which makes sense given the founders' pedigrees and experience running large wealth management organizations and recognizing how technology could help tailor engagement at scale. 

What key client or advisor needs do you see Bento addressing?

I'm excited about Bento's focus on creating advisor capacity. Simply put, Bento gives advisors time to go deeper with clients by automating what can be automated, giving them the ability to surface insights out of all the data we're sitting on but don't leverage proactively.  

More personalized content delivered at the point of need and conveyed in meaningful ways is what leads to the ability to actually impact client behavior and improve client outcomes. That's the difference between generic, cookie-cutter advice and personalized, proactive advice–and why what Bento is doing is so important. 

What key industry trends do you think Bento leverages or even helps drive?

There are a great many non-investment topics, often life-stage driven, that clients desperately want advisors to help them with, but we often don't know what those are, don't leverage data to engage them with personalized content, or don't have resident expertise and content at our fingertips. 

I love the fact that Bento has gone beyond simply supplying technology and data science to develop content and marketing automation to help solve those 'last mile' issues.

Thank you Gavin! We’re looking forward to the impact we can make together on caring financial advisors and those they serve. Please join us in welcoming Gavin to the Bento Advisory Council.

Bento’s team of fintech and advisory business veterans is on a mission to bring better advice beyond investing to more families across the wealth spectrum. Via their caring financial advisors. So that families thrive, and advisor practices grow.

Contact us if you’d like to learn more about our Advisory Council and see how we can build and power your proactive advice engine.